Management and Activities 

IFHE Statute defines the Council as its decision making body - comprising two representatives of each member country; honorary members, and the Executive Committee, which is tasked with implementation of agreed policies and making recommendations.  IFHE Standing Orders provide the regulatory framework.

IFHE has arranged for International Congresses to take place every two years since 1972, at venues throughout the world, usually in conjunction with a healthcare trade exhibition. Recorded delegate attendances average over 500.  A General Assembly takes place at each congress, where all IFHE members may discuss IFHE policy and activities.

IFHE provides a source for international communication of healthcare engineering matters by maintaining and making available a database of members, who may be contacted for information and to arrange for technical visits; 
IFHE publishes a Newsletter. This contains summaries of IFHE activities, describes member national organizations, draws attention to publications of interest and to further education opportunities, and diarises healthcare related events.
IFHE maintains a website , which provides information about the organization and its activities.

IFHE distributes to its members, a free copy of international issues of "Health Estate", Journal of the Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management, U.K. These issues convey major IFHE announcements, and publish papers selected from IFHE congress proceedings and other sources.
IFHE consults and cooperates with WHO through a designated technical officer, in the development and implementation of a plan of collaborative activities.