IFHE Newsletter May 2024

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IFHE 2024 in Cape Town

- This isn’t just another ordinary conference; it’s a high-octane platform where we’ll spark creativity, ignite innovation, and rev up healthcare service delivery to a whole new level, promises host SAFHE.
IFHE Newsletter March 2024

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Are you a potentional member of the new IFHE-WHO team?

The WHO is launching an effort to create a series of Guides to Climate Resilient, Low Carbon healthcare facilities, and has reached out to us for help. The IFHE is now recruiting expert volunteers to be part of the IFHE-WHO team.
Safe Hospital 2023

Multidisciplinary input from patients, family members, healthcare personell and engineers in Argentina have resulted in the document Safe Hospital 2023, which puts special emphasis on the topics of Construction, Ventilation and Safe Water.
IFHE Global Healthcare Carbon Challenge

We’re “cutting the carbs”! Join your fellow healthcare facilities around the world in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
IFHE Newsletter - August 2023

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IFHE Webinars - 1

The IFHE are excited to introduce members to the first episode in a range of informative webinars highlighting the activities and objectives of IFHE.
How the winners met the challenge - 2

In this second Global Energy Awards interview, Walt Vernon discusses some of the challenges overcome by one of the winners of “Best in Country - Australia"
IFHE Congress and Hotel information – Mexico City

We are now in a position to share further news about the upcoming IFHE Congress in Mexico City which is taking place between 6-8 November, 2023.
IFHE webinar 2

In his new episode of IFHE Webinars we are promoting the IFHE 2023 Council Meeting and the 2024 IFHE Congress.
How the winners met the challenge

In this Global Energy Awards interview, Walt Vernon, 2nd Vice President of IFHE, discusses some of the challenges overcome by the winners of “Best in Country - South Africa”.
IFHE Digest 2024 - Call for papers

A call for papers is being circulated to all A Member contacts seeking articles for the 2024 issue of the Digest.
IFHE Newsletter - March 2023

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IFHE Christmas Newsletter - President’s Message

"Christmas, holiday season and New Years is a time for reflection, and as I look back on 2022, I feel very proud of what the global healthcare engineering community has accomplished during extremely difficult times"
IFHE Digest 2023

The 2023 edition of the IFHE Digest is now available - providing new and fresh insight into the global field of healthcare engineering and facilities management.
IFHE Newsletter - November 2022

Featuring welcome and introduction from president Steve Rees, Reports, photos and video from the IFHE congress i Toronto - and much more..
Winners of the IFHE Energy Awards

The International Federation of Healthcare Engineering is very pleased to announce the winners in its inaugural Healthcare Energy Awards Program.
IFHE Digest 2023

Andy Wavell is seeking articles for the IFHE Digest 2023.
IFHE Newsletter

Check out the latest IFHE Newsletter for April. Also included are an extended version of the newsletter from December.
In memory of Alberto Lena

We have received the sad message that past IFHE-president Alberto Lena has passed away.
Christmas letter from the IFHE President

"To every IFHE member and all our friends, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2022, full of serenity, satisfaction and success." (Read full letter inside)
IFHE Energy Awards

This short film provides practical information about the IFHE Energy Awards. “Best in Country” winners and the “Best in World” winner will be recognized during IFHE’s Annual Congress September 17-21, 2022, in Toronto, Canada.
Online booking for Exhibit Booths is now open

We want to take this opportunity to inform you that the online booking form for booths for the IFHE 2022 Congress | CHES 2022 National Conference taking place September 17-21, 2022 in Toronto ON is now open.
Regenerate health with Artificial Intelligence

IFHE International Prospective Seminar 2021. SMAES 18° International Congress “Hospital del Futuro” MÉXICO-CDMX. 6-10Th November 2021
IFHE Digest 2022 - Call for papers

-In the last year we have all learned a lot about how Estates and Facility services have been able to assist the battle against Covid 19. Now is the time to share your experiences and I look forward to receiving your articles.”
WINDS OF CHANGE – What is the Future for Healthcare?

Instead the biennial conference and exhibition planned for 2021, SAFHE (South African Federation of Healthcare Engineering) will host a virtual conference consisting of four webinars on 14 & 15 and 20 & 21 April 2021 from 09h00 to 12h20 each day.
Enviromental Sustainability Policy

IFHE takes note of the World Health Organization (WHO) statement that “Climate change is the greatest threat to global health in the 21st century1;” and the IPCC finding that we must reduce aggregate emissions 45% by 2030 and 100% by 2050.
A healthcare engineering roadmap for delivering net zero carbon

The roadmap outlined in this document, if diligently applied, will form a significant part of the required changes as they apply to the NHS and public sector estate. (Interactive pdf.-file)
IFHE Digest 2021

The 2021 edition of the IFHE Digest is now available - providing a global insight into the field of healthcare engineering and facilities management.
IFHE President’s 2020 Christmas Greeting

How does the global healthcare engineering community reflect on a year like 2020? To say it has been a year of massive change seems such an understatement. It has been a year that has demanded a monumental response for our sector in every corner of the globe.
IFHE 2020

The Italian Society for Healthcare Architecture and Engineering is pleased to invite you to the 26th Congress of the International Federation of Healthcare Engineering that will be held online from the 24th to the 28th of January 2021.
IHEEM Digital Week 5. - 9. October 2020

Please see details of the IHEEM Digital Week Programme 5-9 October 2020. If you would like to register to attend, please do so by clicking the link..
Update on progress of IFHE teams supporting WHO global response to COVID-19

Dear Colleagues, The response to our appeal in April for volunteer teams to support the work of the World Health Organisation has been excellent.
Request to support WHO in responding to COVID-19 pandemic.

The WHO has reached out to IFHE for our help responding to this crisis. As President of the IFHE, I am urgently seeking your help.
Covid-19 - IHEEM, IFHE, IFHE-EU international support

IHEEM are actively supporting members and companies in UK in the fight against Covid-19. Chief Executive Officer of IHEEM and IFHE-EU-president, Peters Sellars are now seeking IFHE's support to establish an International Covid-19 information portal.
IFHE Digest 2021

IFHE is now starting work on the 2021 issue for the Digest. This publication only exists because our members are prepared to share their knowledge with other colleagues around the world. Please circulate the attached Author’s notes and Subject List to your organisations seeking contributions to the Digest.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Christmas letters from the president and the General Secretary inside.
IFHE Digest 2020

IFHE Digest 2020 - packed with must-read articles from our field of healthcare engineering. Enjoy!
Expanding the focus from hospitals to healthcare

IFHE’s recent change of name recognises the shifting trends facing many of our members and their organisations: The need for a broadened focus beyond the hospital setting, to embrace the wider healthcare environment.
Healthcare Estates 2019

Healthcare Estates 2019 is just a few short weeks away (8-9 October), with preparations for the biggest event yet; more exhibitors, more speakers, more exhibition theatres, a fabulous new venue for the Dinner and Awards, and a very special plenary theatre.
July 1st - Engineer's day

Congratulations to all healthcare engineers all over the world. Join the IFHE!
Papers for IFHE Digest 2020: Incorrect mailadress

Two missing letters in the mailadress have caused problems for contributions to IFHE Digest 2020.
IFHE Digest 2020 - Call for papers

Dear IFHE Colleagues. Although this is later than normal I am now asking for your help in ensuring we produce yet another excellent technical publication in the name of the International Federation of Healthcare Engineering.
Foro Merida - Mexico

Universidad Marista - Mérida, Yucatan 11. April 2019
Healthcare Estates and IFHE Europe Conference 2019 - Call for papers

The IFHE EU Conference will be held in association with IHEEM’s annual conference in Manchester during October 2019. The attached link will has the application page for those wishing to give papers at the Conference. It is hoped many papers from the IFHE membership will be submitted so that the event is truly international.
IFHE President's 2018 Christmas Greeting

IFHE wish all our members a merry christmas and a happy new year. (Full christsmas card inside)
IFHE Digest 2019

Christmas preparations takes it toll, but here's your excuse for a timeout. The latest edition of IFHE Digest is packed with must-read articles from our field of healthcare engineering.
Welcome to Brisbane

The Institute of Healthcare Engineering Australia, warmly invites you to participate in the 2018 IFHE Congress to be held in Brisbane, Australia from October 6th-11th.
IFHE Summer Newsletter 2018

"I’m not a fan of doing things the way they’ve always been done just for tradition’s sake. If there’s a better or more convenient way to do something, I’m all for it..."
IFHE Digest 2018

"Providing a global insight into the field of healthcare engineering and facilities management"
IFHE December Newsletter

CONTENT: Minutes of Council Meeting No 50 in Brazil, Mnazi Mmoja childrens hospital in Tanzania, IFHE RIO 2017: International Seminar, IFHE 2018 in Australia.
Christmas letter from the president

"We have been able to see that the IFHE is not the federation that carries out the work itself, but the partner making the connections..."
Exchange Ideas with Esteemed International Healthcare Executives at HDC

This session presents a unique opportunity to learn about the significant efforts being undertaken around the world to address challenges in improving healthcare facilities’ energy efficiency, technology integration and more—as well as opportunities to better collaborate with your cutting-edge peers from around the world. Bring your questions, and your suggestions for improving global cooperation, for this panel of international experts.

Report from international seminar about hospital environment for patient and worker Safety, which took place in Rio 27 -31. August 2017.
Letter from the President - aug/sept 2017

"Since the Exco and Council meeting in the Netherlands last year I fortunately can conclude that we did make progress in several activities. I’m very happy about that."
IFHE 2018: Call for papers

The Institute of Healthcare Engineering, Australia (IHEA) are pleased to invite you to the 25th Congress of the International Federation of Hospital Engineering (IFHE) to be held on 6-11 October 2018 at Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Australia. The call for abstracts is now open.
IFHE Newsletter May-June 2017

"It doesn’t seem possible but It's already a year since the world-congress was held in The Hague Netherlands. Since then a lot has happened with IFHE"
IFHE Europe Conference 2019

IHEEM is honoured to host the 2019 IFHE Europe Conference 8. & 9. October in Manchester, UK. The Conference takes place in of the UK’s most vibrant cities with a combination of engineering and cultural traditions that will attract delegates from Europe.
In memory of Enrico Milone

Recently we got the sad message that Enrico Milone, IFHE-past president and Fenato past-President, had passed away. - Milone has contributed to the spread of hospital engineering culture in national and international field, says Marcello Fiorenza.
Acoustic Comfort in Healthcare Architecture

Music, landscape and cladding material as humanizing solutions: - Environmental factors that define comfort play a crucial role throughout the process of architectural design, says architect Fábio Bitencourt.
Where the...hell are we?

Greg Truscott is carrying out a project at Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) in Western Australia to improve its wayfinding and signage system. - Although the system had been developed with great consideration and a very comprehensive system installed 15 years ago, I assessed much of it was flawed, says Truscott in his case study
IFHE Digest 2017

The 2017 edition of the IFHE Digest is now available.
Happy New Year

Christmas letter from the president

As we can see “time flies”, 2016 is already nearing the end. So, it is a good moment to look back and see which are the things to be thankful about and also make a reflection on what are the opportunities to be and do better.
IFHE Newsletter December 2016

Christmas is approaching and 2016 draws to an end. IFHE President Douwe Kiestra reflects on good things achieved - and opportunities and challenges further down the road.
The Facility Guidelines Institute

The Facility Guidelines Institute(FGI) is an all-volunteer NGO in the United States, dedicated to researching and publishing guidance for the planning, design and construction of effective healthcare buildings.
Partnership to Advance Clean Energy

In 2009, the then Prime Minister of India signed an MOU with President Barak Obama – the Partnership to Advance Clean Energy, or PACE. The MOU promised that the two countries would invest significant monies and intellectual resources to develop building energy efficiency solutions relevant to both countries
- Lets talk about the environment

HCI is reaching out to the international community, through the vehicle of the IFHE, to talk about our commitment to environmental sustainability in general, and climate protection in particular.
- Pleased and honoured

From our very good friend Ronnie Browne, who just received IFHE "E" Member certificate, we have received the following message:
A very good friend has passed away

It is with great sadness that we have received the news of Ole Rist's death. We will miss his great personality, friendship, and always dedicated efforts for FSTL and IFHE.
IFHE newsletter May 2016

"Echoing the last period I also establish seven objectives for my Presidency of the IFHE: Improve the meeting and contact moments between the IFHE Members, Exco, Council and several Working-groups. To the pace of work in the various (working) groups we have to improve the contact moments...."
Christoph Hartung (1940 - 2016)

Professor Dr. Christoph Hartung passed away on Monday, May 2, 2016, at the age of 76.
30 Years Turning Around the World

30 years of IFHE history. Compressed inside a powerpoint-file.. :-)
Individual Countries reports to IFHE 2016

A full pack of reports from individual countries to the IFHE 2016.
IFHE Library Award 2016

We received 28 articles for the IFHE Library Award 2016.They are now published in the IFHE Library. Read more about the award and how the contributions were evaluated by the jury.
The IFHE Library Award

In the IFHE Council Meeting 48 in Turku June 2015, it was agreed to create the IFHE LIBRARY AWARD. (First winner plus 2 runners up). The prices will be awarded by the Meeting of the Executive Committee in Le Hague 2016. The trophies and certificate will be delivered during the opening ceremony of the Congress.
IFHE Digest 2016

The 2016 edition of the IFHE Digest is available.
IFHE Newsletter - December 2015

With the Decembers newsletter - and an additional christmas letter - IFHE wishes all members a merry Christmas an a happy new year.
NVTG Building Award 2016

The NVTG board is delighted to invite you to enter the 2016 International NVTG Building Award Contest. The award will be presented at the IFHE Congress which will be held in the Netherlands in 2016.
IFHE Newsletter August 2015

This summers newsletter... Good reading !
Call for papers IFHE Congress 2016

Dear Colleagues, From April 18th to 20th the Congress of the International Federation of Hospital Engineering (IFHE) will be held in The Hague, The Netherlands, Europe.
IFHE Newsletter spring 2015

"IFHE is pleased to report that our web resource is attracting a significant amount of use. It is already a lot of people looking at the web page and also at our group on Facebook" Read more in the spring newsletter...
In memory of Basil Hermon

Basil Hermon has left us. In 1970 Hermon was one of the five founding members of the IFHE in Rome, which eventually brought together hospital engineers in over 30 countries.
In memory of Vinse Oviatt

One of our dear IFHE friends has passed away.
NVTG Building Award 2016

The NVTG board is delighted to invite you to enter the 2016 International NVTG Building Award Contest. The award will be presented at the IFHE Congress which will be held in the Netherlands in 2016.
IFHE Digest 2015

The 2015 edition of the IFHE Digest is available.
Happy new year !

IFHE wishes our members a happy new year !
IFHE Newsletter December 2014

Newsletter for December is published.
Call for abstracts - IFHE-EU 2015

IFHE-EU congress 2015 is organised by the Association of Finnish Hospital Engineering (AFHE) 2nd to 5th of June 2015 in Turku Finland. The European congress and Finnish national congress will be held together in actual topics. The theme is “How to use technology and innovations to increase productivity and quality?”
Report from the biannual congress

Report from the General Assembly and Opening Ceremony of the Biannual meetings in IFHE 2014, 13 – 16 Oct in Buenos Aires
IFHE Newsletter autumn 2014

IFHE Newsletter autumn 2014 i s published.
IFHE member survey

We are pleased to forward details of a survey IFHE is carrying out among all our members, so that we can better understand the services you would like IFHE to provide.
IFHE’s Focal Points in conjunction with WHO

Our liaison officer Paul Merlevede, the President and General Secretary have pointed out 5 important areas in cooperation with WHO.
LAST DAYS: Exhibition and Award IFHE 2014

In the context of the 23rd IFHE World Congress 2014, AADAIH and IFHE are pleased to invite healthcare design professionals to submit works in order to participate in the above-mentioned competition. EXPIRING DATE FOR DELIVERING OF WORKS: 07-31-2014
25th Congress 2018

The General Secretary has received three applications for running the 25 IFHE Congress in 2018. The decision for which country to arrange will be decided by IFHE A members in Buenos Aires in October this year.
Preliminary Program

Preliminary Program for the IFHE Congress 2014 is published.
23rd IFHE Report June 2014

Updated report on the 23rd IFHE Congress
IFHE Newsletter Summer 2014

This summers newsletter...
Main speakers at IFHE 2014

The following outstanding colleagues and professionals confirmed their presence in the XXIII Congress IFHE in Buenos Aires.
IFHE Newsletter February 2014

This months newsletter...

IFHE Digest 2014

The IFHE Digest 2014 edition is now complete and copies have been posted out to those organisations who requested them. AS last year the Digest is also available online.
IFHE 2014: April 25 is the new deadline for papers submission

IFHE and AADAIH invite professionals related to Architecture and Hospital Engineering to present papers for 23rd IFHE World Congress that will be held in Buenos Aires in 2014, according to the following conditions, and thanking you for your participation.
Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all IFHE-members.
Per E. Paasche (1943-2013)

IFHE has received the following sad message about one of our dedicated members.
Report - IFHE 2014

Dear Colleagues! In times of radical changes in the health care field, we invite you to attend 23rd Congress of the International Federation of Hospital Engineering (IFHE) and 25th Latin American Congress of Architecture and Hospital Engineering, to be held in 2014 in Buenos Aires.
Paper submission - IFHE2014

Deadline for abstract submission to the 23rd IFHE Congress 2014 in Buenos Aires is 27 March 2014.
Flash floods Vergelegen Medi Clinic Somerset West

From Steve Drinkrow in South Africa we have got this message and video: "We moved 129 patients to 6 hospitals including patients on ventilators ,between 21h00 on the Friday night till 3h00 the next morning. At one stage we could not...."
IFHE Newsletter November 2013

This months newsletter...
Brazil in Argentina Congress 2013

The Brazilian Association ABDEH participated at the 24th Congress of the AADAIH in Mendoza, Argentina 5.-8. November. See pictures and report...
FSTL’s technical conferenc

The FSTL’s technical conference has been successfully arranged. The Trondheim conference took place 27 -29 Oct 2013. It gathered some 90 persons from most of the hospitals in Norway.
Reports from Council Meeting 46

Reports presented during Council Meeting 46, Tuesday 10. September in Kuala Lumpur. Including summary from the BEAM conference by IFHE-president Ole Rist.
The 5th National Congress S.I.A.IS.

The 5th National Congress SIAIS will be held in Firenze at the NIC (Nuovo Ingresso Careggi) 24 to 26 October 2013. It also provide pre-congress courses this year on 23 October 2013.
CHES 2013 National Conference - Plenary Sessions

CHES 2013 National Conference

Niagara Falls 22.-24- september

Plenary Sessions

See program...

IFHE Newsletter July 2013

This months newsletter...
IFHE Council Agenda No 46

Council meeting no. 46 - Advance notice no. 2

IFHE Newsletter april 2013

- Feedback from the national organization it very important to measure how well we succeed in cooperation and in the main goals, says IFHE President Ole Rist.


Read the online-version of IFHE Digest 2013 here


IFHE 2013 Council Meeting brochures


BEAM 2013 Conference brochures.


Work has begun on production of the next edition of IFHE’s learned publication due for release in December this year. The Digest’s success is that you the member’s supply all the articles included......


New D member of the IFHE: Recognised as the originator of high quality secure vision panels, Vistamatic® is headquartered in the UK at Hainault, Essex the location of its UK manufacturing base. The brand has been synonymous with observation solutions since the late 1960s with Vistamatic® Ltd being formed in 1991 and claims that its products are specified by over 90% of NHS hospitals.


The Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society (CHES) is very pleased to announce that the recipient of the 2012 Hans Burgers Award for outstanding contributions to healthcare engineering is Steve Rees, CGM.


Presidents column and reports from conferences in Canada (CHES) and Australia (IHEA) are among the content in Decembers newsletter.