Christmas letter from the president
As we can see “time flies”, 2016 is already nearing the end. So, it is a good moment to look back and see which are the things to be thankful about and also make a reflection on what are the opportunities to be and do better.

In our IFHE review, we may say that we had a very good year. Firstly, a successful congress in Netherlands gave us the opportunity to meet each other again and also the join of new countries members. The main objective of the congress was done: “sharing knowledge for a better healthcare world wide”; but most important, new ideas, projects and plans in which we have to put all our effort and imagination to make it real born here.

Furthermore, we had the chance to say not goodbye until later to our ex-president but above all our good friend Ole Rist from Norway, who passed away few months after the congress. His integrity, love and compromise with IFHE will be a constant example of commitment to the task entrusted.

Nowadays, we can affirm that our federation is increasingly accepted and appreciated worldwide; this gave us a big compromise to continue the work that we have done and remain us the importance of growing cooperation with colleague associations in healthcare around the world.

Then, we are very satisfied with the improvement and mindful of the IFHE, however, the coming New Year is an opportunity to encourage the social, economic and ecological challenges that we face in terms of healthcare systems in each country, because although each associate has a different situation in front, we are sure that sharing successful experiences in some countries will help you to provide local solutions.

2017 must be a year in which we have to make great strides, starting with: to promote our association, sharing knowledge, organize more healthcare study projects, joining to different working groups in IFHE, browse companies who are interested in promoting and helping in order to allow all this activities, but overall understand that, this all only can be possible with the work, collaboration and imagination of everybody.

Finally, the ExCo of the IFHE wish you all the time for reflection on the past and to the present; wish you health, energy and strength for the coming days ; we wish that you can find the support and answers that you need in healthcare themes.

To every IFHE member and all our friends, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2017.

Douwe Kiestra President


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