Christoph Hartung (1940 - 2016)
Professor Dr. Christoph Hartung passed away on Monday, May 2, 2016, at the age of 76.

He was the founder of the German WGKT (Scientific Organisation of Hospital Engineering) and assumed great responsibility as its President for 30 years. After his presidency he was elected Honorary President of WGKT. During his presidency he was also a council member of the IFHE, the International Federation of Hospital Engineering.

All of us at WGKT and IFHE share a great sadness that our college and friend Christoph passed away. We highly enjoyed and valued meeting him on numerous occasions. His professional standing enabled him to make an important contribution to healthcare engineering nationally and internationally. 

His presentations were outstanding and unforgettable: highly informative and presented in a convincing and professional manner, combined with a well pointed humor. Of great importance was also his calming influence and his willingness to contribute from his vast wealth of knowledge in healthcare from buildings to medical procedures and medical equipment.

His vision of our organization and his ambition to achieve a position that allows us to influence on an international level, particularly in Germany and Europe with respect to political, economical and technical decisions was an important factor in the establishment of the IFHE Europe.

The death of Professor Dr. Christoph Hartung is a great loss for all of us and especially for those who study, research and work with healthcare engineering. He was an outstanding character and personality with profound knowledge and experience that could always be referred to. He will be missed greatly.

In remembrance for his great commitment and in dedication to the benefit of healthcare engineering we will preserve an honour-filled memory of Christoph Hartung, a great person and scientist.

Christian Bender
on behalf of WGKT and IFHE