IFHE Digest 2020 - Call for papers
Dear IFHE Colleagues. Although this is later than normal I am now asking for your help in ensuring we produce yet another excellent technical publication in the name of the International Federation of Healthcare Engineering.

Attached to this message are the Authors notes and suggested subject list.  What we are looking for is articles showing what you are doing in your part of the world that others elsewhere will find of technical interest.

Remember we resolve the same issues in many different ways and what you do may be a revelation to your colleagues elsewhere.  I would ask that you spread the call for papers through personal contact and through your newsletters and regular mailing to your members.

We look forward to receiving your synopses as soon as possible

Many thanks


Andy Wavell I Eng FIHEEM
Joint General Secretary IFHE
Commissioning Editor IFHE Digest

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Mob +447979597414