New D member of the IFHE: Recognised as the originator of high quality secure vision panels, Vistamatic® is headquartered in the UK at Hainault, Essex the location of its UK manufacturing base. The brand has been synonymous with observation solutions since the late 1960s with Vistamatic® Ltd being formed in 1991 and claims that its products are specified by over 90% of NHS hospitals.

Exporting to a number of countries around the globe including Ireland, Switzerland, Spain, France, Germany, the Middle East, Australia and Hong Kong, Vistamatic® have earlier in 2012 started manufacturing in the USA. After 4 years under the direction of Managing Partner, Kevin Roth and having established a market via imports from the UK the US factory is now in full production and winning notable projects along the way. 

Consistent high quality in healthcare is the result of thousands of different processes and nurses can make better decisions about the wellbeing of their patient’s if they have accurate information. Monitoring patients by way of natural surveillance allows for instant measured reactions in real time enabling total control over what might turn out being life threatening scenarios.

Vistamatic® are field leaders and their relevant knowledge in providing observation solutions that rely upon simplicity over technology is renowned, their products provide safety and security whilst allowing care providers to discreetly monitor environments. 
Simple to use and with zero maintenance Vistamatic® viewing panels can prove to be a sound financial investment coming with a Lifetime Warranty* owed to its unique `Integrated Spindle Cam Mechanism` (Patent 2491218). Hand or elbow operated a simple half turn of the lever handle takes the panel from completely opaque and into a clearer viewing aspect.

Vistamatic® provides observation solutions for healthcare environments including mental healthcare, operating theatres, X-ray and Laser departments, clean room applications and laboratories. Products are available in a range of sizes or can be specified to bespoke dimensions and all can be ordered as Fire rated or colour coordinated to compliment your projects aesthetics.

Vistamatic® has gained BS EN, ISO 9001 : 2008 Certification, including aspects specific to the glass industry, with quality and safety being the top priority in designing products to comply with the UKs Department of Health Guidelines. Vistamatic® is a member of NBS Plus (the National Building Specifications) which is the most authoritative and widely used system for specifying products for construction projects.

*Against faulty manufacture.

Paul Kaye
On behalf of Vistamatic Ltd.