IFHE Newsletter - November 2022
Featuring welcome and introduction from president Steve Rees, Reports, photos and video from the IFHE congress i Toronto - and much more..

I am excited to be sending my first IFHE Newsletter since taking on the IFHE Presidency, and I firstly want to thank outgoing President, Daniela Pedrini, for doing such a wonderful job as our leader during the most unprecedented time in IFHE history.  

I am truly honored and humbled to be the President of IFHE for 2022-24!  To follow in the footsteps of such great leaders such as Daniela, Darryl, Douwe, Liliana, Ole and many others before them!  

And I am so happy that the Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society did such a fantastic job of hosting the 27th Congress of IFHE in Toronto, Canada.  
There we announced our 2022-24 Executive Committee....

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