- Lets talk about the environment
HCI is reaching out to the international community, through the vehicle of the IFHE, to talk about our commitment to environmental sustainability in general, and climate protection in particular.

Author: Walt Vernon,
(Member of IFHE's Executive Committee)

Recent events in the United States, most notably the election of our new President, have thrown the US Commitment to working with the rest of the world on Climate Issues into question. The HCI, though, recognizes the overwhelming scientific consensus on the need to action on climate.

We recognize, with the Lancet, the WHO, and IFHE, the Pope, and many others, the fundamental importance of caring for the health of this planet by eliminating our reliance on burning fossil fuels. And, we are not alone. Remember, more people voted for Secretary Clinton than for the current US President; it was through our electoral college rules that Mr. Trump was elected President.

HCI is in the process of drafting our own environmental policy, to work in tandem with that of the IFHE. We are grateful to the IFHE for your leadership on this issue, and we look forward to being partners with IFHE and other member countries to bring the fossil fuel era to an end.

As participants in health care, our first obligation is to do no harm. We are with you.

Health Care Institute (HCI):
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