Partnership to Advance Clean Energy
In 2009, the then Prime Minister of India signed an MOU with President Barak Obama – the Partnership to Advance Clean Energy, or PACE. The MOU promised that the two countries would invest significant monies and intellectual resources to develop building energy efficiency solutions relevant to both countries

Author: Walt Vernon,
(Member of IFHE's Executive Committee)

Pursuant to this agreement, the governments established the joint US-India Center for Building Energy Research and Development (http://cberd.org/home/). This initiative brought together research institutions and industry partners from both nations to create energy efficiency solutions that are relevant to both countries, and, ultimately, to the world.

Some of these solutions were specifically targeted at the healthcare industry, and many are relevant to the healthcare industry, though of a more general focus. In particular, one initiative aimed to establish parameters for the development of a simplified Energy Information System  for hospitals.
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The idea was to vastly reduce the costs to implement such systems, thus giving more people better visibility and control of their consumption. CBERD created a parallel EIS for hotels, and has already rolled out some pilot sites.

One of the industry partners for this effort is the engineering company Mazzetti. The CEO of that company serves on the ExCo of the IFHE, and is looking to partner with hospitals around the world to implement pilot projects. Contact Mr. Walt Vernon, at wvernon@mazzetti.com for more information.

GREEN AGREEMENT: President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Narendra Modi walk in the garden at Hyderabad House in New Delhi, India, Jan. 25, 2015. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)