- Pleased and honoured
From our very good friend Ronnie Browne, who just received IFHE "E" Member certificate, we have received the following message:

Dear Andy!

I am sitting in my office at home looking at my IFHE "E" Member certificate which I was so pleased and honoured to receive from you last Thursday.

I have been directly involved with IFHE for approximately twenty years and in very many ways I am sorry that my participation at Council and Executive Committee levels has come to an end. I believe we have made some real progress as an organisation and I am sure there is an exciting and important time ahead for IFHE and an opportunity (and need) to make a real impact.

I have valued the friendship of IFHE colleagues from around the world and I will miss that annual opportunity to meet on both professional and personal levels. That said, while I am clear that it is time for me to retire, I will of course be available to assist, if required, at any time.
Please pass on to the President, Officers and members of ExCo my sincere thanks for awarding me this much valued honour and my very best wishes for the future.

Yours sincerely,






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