The International Federation of Healthcare Engineering (IFHE) and the Mexican Society of Architects Specialized in Health (SMAES), in coordination with prestigious allied institutions and companies, invite all health systems in the world, public and private organizations, specialists, professionals, experts, academia and the general public to participate and attend this event.

“IFHE International Prospective Seminar 2021” and SMAES
18th International Congress “Hospital del Futuro”. will take place in a mixed format (virtual and
face-to-face) on 6-10th November 2021 in Mexico City.

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Some have reported difficulties accessing the congress website. In such cases, please contact the Mexican Society of Architects by mail or phone:
+ (55) 5259 – 1927


Regenerate health with Artificial Intelligence
IFHE International Prospective Seminar 2021. SMAES 18° International Congress “Hospital del Futuro” MÉXICO-CDMX. 6-10Th November 2021