The IFHE Library Award
In the IFHE Council Meeting 48 in Turku June 2015, it was agreed to create the IFHE LIBRARY AWARD. (First winner plus 2 runners up). The prices will be awarded by the Meeting of the Executive Committee in Le Hague 2016. The trophies and certificate will be delivered during the opening ceremony of the Congress.

THE   JURY will comprise:

  • Liliana Font , President of IFHE

  • Gunnar Baekken , General Secretary

  • Francisco Castella, Coordinator of the Library

  • Andy Wavell, Coordinator of the IFHE Digest

  • Alfredo Sartorio , Coordinator of Latin-American papers

CRITERIA  for evaluation :

  • The interest of the message,

  • The innovation of the matter

  • The educational presentation

  • The usefulness ,applicability of the proposals


To enter the article in the Library, we do it in two parts. The first one is a presentation of the title and author, with a short summary providing information on the content

Part one     Presentation

Theme :

Title :

Authors :


Contact : e.mail :

Source: (Journal, Digest, or Congress , when applicable)

Abstract (short summary 100 words max. in english)

Part two      Full article in pdf

The  article will have a maximum of 3.000 words plus graphics, tables and images as necessary


The documents will be forwarded by e.mail to the members of the Jury to the following addresses, before 31 of March 2016

  • Liliana Font , fontliliana@gmail.com

  • Gunnar Baekken, g.baekken@stolav.no

  • Francisco Castella, f.castella@telefonica.net

  • Andy Wavell a.wavel@tiscali.co.uk

The author will receive a confirmation of reception / acceptance